Welcome to Jet Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves.

Hi guys, I am Mike, the video guy and I welcome all Jet Surfing Pioneers to my new video channel and blog: Jet Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves.

The new exciting sport is evolving and together, we can be on the edge of the new next generation surfing technology to test electric jet boards! I’m involved in testing Onean Carver, Radinn, Lampuga, JetSurf, WaterWolf, Water Rebels, FlyBoard, Wavejet, Flowrider, WakeBoard, KiteBoard and the artificial surf lake SurfSnowdonia and
much more!

We are living in amazing times guys! We are fortunate enough to witness how the sport of surfing is evolving before our very eyes; electric jet boards are becoming faster and more affordable, artificial wave surf lakes are tantalizing the surfers by providing perfect waves every time!! Even legends like Kelly Slater, garret McNamara and Laird Hamilton are on board to test these next generation surfing technology.

Surfing was always my passion since I first saw the real ocean at the age of 29… I was not fortunate enough to grow with surfing like many of you, so I did not get the chance to become a good surfer, but I love it anyways.

Surfing for me is about lifestyle; it brings a smile on my face and helps me get away from the headaches of day to day life!

“Standing on a board is self-medicating, It’s like bringing your doctor on a holiday” Alexander Lind — Co-founder and CEO of Radinn. Love this quote!

I created this channel and blog to share my story with you. I am very passionate and I try to test all the new next generation surfing gadgets that are coming on the market and I will be sharing my experience, my tips and my reviews with you.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to try out almost all existing so called action sports… and even though I’m not very good at any of them, I’m good enough to be able to form a unique perspective and compare them from a beginner point of view because as you know, the experience beginner will have is very different from the one professional gets..

That what makes my reviews so different.. I’m not going to bore you with Wikipedia facts or exact parameters of the board – you can simply google all those numbers yourself. What you can’t google is a personal experience and an unbiased review of a person who could try it all and compare experiences from a beginner’s perspective, because there is a high probability that just like me, most of you guys are not professional surfers or overly serious athletes and you might be interested in a down-to earth experience that you can relate to.

A friendly disclaimer:  I am just a jet surfing fan and enthusiast, I DO NOT SELL
the boards and I am not affiliated with them or any other products I review here unless I specify directly. I make money by selling my own products (unrelated to surfing) on Amazon (You can see what I do on my other channel called Sells Like Hot Cakes). I am NOT a professional surfer, the first time I saw the ocean was when I was 29, so don’t
judge me harshly. All I want to do is have fun and put a smile on your
face (hopefully) with my silly jokes and videos.


The good guy

Contacts:  jetsurfingnation@gmail.com

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The new exciting sport is evolving and together,
we can be on the edge of the new next generation surfing technology to
test electric jet boards

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