Jetfoiler’s Electric Hydrofoil: The New CRAZY way to SURF!

If you think surfing was crazy before, strap in, cause’ you’re in for one helluva ride… (Pun intended 🙂 ). Electric hydrofoils are changing everything you know about surfing, but to be honest, their arrival on the marketplace is not exactly new gist. A couple of companies have made announcements within the last four months concerning hydroelectric hydrofoil projects that are in development.
So, why the interest in electric hydrofoil surfboards? Generally, motorized surfboards like Onean offer surfers high water speeds of about 10 mph, they give surfers the ability to turn calm waters into a great surfing environment, the electric hydrofoil goes a step further, the addition of the electric hydrofoil allows you to simply cruise over water like a BOSS!

That is not its only merit of course! The Jetfoiler gives you more control over your board, allowing you to keep it blasting or suddenly bring your sea toy to a halt, this is one of its most impressive features. Oh! Did I forget to mention the optional cruise control mechanism, which kicks in when the rider reaches a certain speed? All you have to do is just lean back and bask in a smoothness of the trip across the water’s surface.

When it comes to riding, the Jetfoiler functions like a conventional motorized surfboard, however, a significant difference here is that the electric motor is fitted to the hydrofoil instead of the deck; this permits the surfer to hover a few inches while cruising on the water’s surface.
From what I’ve heard, the materials used in its construction are of similar composition to what is utilized in the construction of top-notch speed boats; this gives them the added advantage of being lightweight durable with minimal drag. So if you are a novice surfer, this could be the perfect tool to start training and improving your game, and if you are a pro-surfer looking for some new experiences, you can’t go wrong with the Jetfoiler!

Written by: Ana Sway

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