Meet “Lampuga”- the Self Proclaimed Fastest Electric Surf Board


With the popularity of surfboards like Powerski Jetsurf Board, the powered surfboard market has seen an unprecedented growth surge. Surfboards like Raddin, Aquila, and Jetsurf have taken center stage in this powered surfboard era.

Joining the fray is also the German-built Lampuga Boost! Running at impressive speeds of about 38 mph (61 km/h), makes it the world’s fastest surfboard. Lampuga Boost is an improvement on a previous 2015 Lampuga model which ran at 33 mph.

There are two different versions of the Lampuga boost:

Boost’s body is made up of carbon-fiber, and is strictly crafted in Germany, at Lampuga’s own factory located at the north of Hamburg. There are two different versions of the Lampuga boost:

There are two different versions of the Lampuga boost:

Lampuga Boost GTR: This machine’s engine can boast of 24.6 hp and can run up to 38 mph. its battery can last up to 40 minutes, with an 80 minutes fast charge system in place. It weighs about 41 kg.

Lampuga Boost  GT: With an engine of 20.0 hp, the GT can reach maximum speeds of up to 34 mph. it has a battery life span of up to 30 minutes and takes about 120 minutes to fully charge up. It weighs about 37 kg.

The Lampuga is made from high quality carbon fiber composite materials, this makes it lightweight and durable, as well as providing a cool aesthetic view. Spewing water from its tail to get you in motion while at the same time maintaining a silence that keeps the rider relaxed and comfortable for the duration of the journey.

So for all you speedsters out there, you should definitely consider adding the Lampuga surfboard to your bucket list.

Written by: Ana Sway

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