Do the Impossible! Surf in the desert at Wadi Adventure in Al Ain

Over 10,000 kilometers away from the U.S., resides one of the craziest artificial wave pools in the United Arab Emirates – Wadi Adventure. This wave pool consists of 6 height settings that are measured in feet from the face of the wave. Also, there are 6 types of waves a surfer may experience here.

These wave types include; left, right, close out, parallel, split parallel and A-frame. This is no mistake, and was designed with the purpose of giving riders a chance to experience different wave types just as you would in a real water body; tending to the needs of the surfers, ranging from the novices who are still figuring how to paddle and stand to the professionals who are already doing stunts.

The pool’s mechanism kicks into action as soon as 10 chambers located at the back of the wall gets filled up with water. Then in a particular fashion and with accurate timing, the water is released by the hydraulic doors whose primary function is to seal off the water. This is the process which creates different types and sizes of waves. It takes 90 seconds for the waves to be generated; this gives surfers enough time to paddle back.

As unconventional as it may seem, the surfing community is thriving in the Middle-East.

The Wadi Adventure has made a tremendous influence on the growth of the surf community, as wave riders from all over the world troop here to test out their skills in the desert.

Written by: Ana Sway

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