MotoSurf WorldCup is coming to Singapore & Southeast Asia!

For the very first time, Jetsurf Southeast Asia is bringing the MotoSurf WorldCup to Singapore and Southeast Asia! An inaugural exhibition will take place on August 11th – 13th at the Ola Beach Club in Sentosa. On Sunday, August 13, the final race will take place.

The event timeline is still being worked out; as soon as we have confirmation on this will would gladly bring you up to speed. Featured at the event will be Mystery International Guest DJ on Saturday evening. It should be noted that the event is FREE to the public.

Jetsurf motorized surfboards are the sole machines used in the MotoSurf WorldCup races. These surfboards are built and designed in Czech Republic by MSR Engines.

The MotoSurf WorldCup is quite popular and has been organized in various countries including France, Holland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, USA and China.

Featuring in this inaugural race are professional riders from all over Europe and Asia, including the champions of the 2016 men’s and women’s season:

Lukáš Záhorský – 16 year-old Jetsurf phenom crowned overall champion in 2016.

Aneta Šacherová – First ever women’s champion crowned in 2016.

Written by: Ana Sway

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