The Wave Bristol: Brings Surfing Inland

Around this time in June 2014, the go ahead was given for the construction of a £6.2-million 40-acre artificial surfing lake development just outside Bristol. With its opening scheduled for 2018, it’s only a matter of time before a host of enthusiastic surfers find their way to Bristol to get a taste of some perfectly sized waves!

Nick Hounsfield, the founder, has huge ideas for the lake located in Easter Compton. According to what we know, he intends it to be a center for leisure, healthy foods and education. Here is what he has to say about Wave Bristol. We believe that The Wave will have a hugely positive impact on people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in the local area, in Bristol and further afield.”

The plan is to offer three surf zones, this would give people a chance to create their own experiences and surf at their own level. Something quite similar to Wadi Adventure. Here, there would be a surfing center to cater for the true athletes, upcoming intermediary guys, and the novices.

The wave technology will be supplied by Wavegarden; that’s right! The Cove will sit at the center of this wonderful resort. According to information from their website, plans are in progress for the installation of sensory gardens, healing gardens, activity areas, peaceful hideaways and kitchen gardens, as well as a natural swimming pool, café, changing facilities, accommodation.

It is also intended to be a place where professional surfing athletes can come to train for the World Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympics. So it is a multi-faceted project, with the aim of providing fun, entertainment, education all in one. As mentioned earlier, The Wave Bristol will open in 2018.


Written by: Ana Sway

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