Jetsurf UNBOXING, Honest Review and Tips

Finally, I am unboxing and testing the legendary JETSURF board!

jetsurf review
Today I had a great chance to visit Wayne Brooks, a legend of jet
surfing industry. Wayne is a true pioneer of jet surfing. A passionate
surfer himself that moved from South Africa surfer’s mecca to England,
Wayne could not live without surfing, he then found a way to make his
own waves!

First, he collected original jetboards from USA, those big and bulky
ones that look more like a jetski, and then he witnessed how the
industry developed in front of his eyes, and personally consulted and
tested all the modern jetbords. A little while later, he started his
own company – Jetboard limited.

Now Wayne moved from the cold and rainy U.K. to a sunny hot place,
Benidorm, Spain where together with jetsurf Spain he plans to become
the biggest jet surfing distributor in this part of the world.

Wayne is a real expert in the niche but a very humble and friendly
guy, someone who is truly passionate about jet surfing. All he cares
about is helping people, and if they buy the boards he will be honest
about possible issues and spend whatever time is required to help you
fix them, even long after sale. As we all know, these jet boards are
fragile and tend to break easily, proper customer service is crucial
to avoid frustration.

I had a chance to spend a couple of days with Wayne to learn from him,
I even got to test his favorite jetsurf board, this was something I’ve
really wanted to do for a long time, but the opportunity has never
presented itself, these boards are unfortunately still rare and the
waiting list to get them spreads for months and months.

Watch my quick interview with Wayne to learn about Jetsurf, the
current state and the future of the industry of jetsurfing, a lot of
great insights from the legend himself!

Waynes’ secret dream is to someday open a jetsurfing museum/bar where
old friends can come and see all the jetboards he has collected over
the years and test them in real life!

Watch full video here


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