Featuring Andreas, creator of e-surfer.com blog and community

Today we are delighted to feature Andreas, a creator of e-surfer.com and e-boarder communities and websites.

Please tell us more about your e-surfer project, when did you start it and what is the goal?

The E-Surfer project is very new. I just started it in March 2017. I am however writing watersports blogs since 1996 and was running websites such like wakeboarding.de and jetski.de. Why? Several reasons. I like to create websites. I like these sports and do them myself and last but not least my professor once told me that people who write books (nowadays blogs) are not the experts, they want to become experts. I learn every day more when I am writing the blogs and I get introduced to very interesting people like the founders of the electric surfboard companies, riders and of course you.

How did you get into the jet surfing industry and when did you start jet surfing yourself?

I started windsurfing with 11 years, shaped my own surfboards with 18 years, moved away from the seaside with 22 years and switched to wakeboarding and started Jetskiing 2005. I followed motorized surfboards since a few years and bought my first one this year. I own a Waterwolf MPX3, my friend Jens a Onean Carver and another friend Stefan is developing the Waterrebell board here in Berlin.

What is your current overview of the industry as of now? What are the most interesting boards that are released and are about to be released?

Certainly, the eFoil looks amazing on videos, but I am looking forward to my first ride in September to build my own picture. Electric surfboarding is just starting and I think all the different boards from Waterwolf, Liftfoils, Surfrebell, Radinn, Lampuga and Onean have potential. With increasing battery power I am sure you will see more and more very well performing E-Surfer.

There are several markets are forming with different target audience.. Jetsurf for athletes, electric boards for recreational use, electric SUP, soon e-foil. What do you think of each direction, which will grow biggest in the next few years?

While the E-SUPs may ship in larger volumes because of price and a broader audience, I personally need action. For me E-Surfing is the next level after wakeboarding and Jetski. For Wakeboarding, I need a boat or cableski. For the Jetski I need trailer. My E-Surfer I can just carry to the lake.

 What is the biggest challenge that is holding the industry back?

The price of powerful battery packs. But this is just a question of time.

I know people who never tried jet surfing might consider it CHEATING as we are not using the power of hands to paddle. What is your opinion about it?

As I mentioned above I need action and workout. If you live at the ocean, great, you don’t need an electric surfboard. I live in Berlin and we have no waves here. When I go E-surfing it is not about standing on the board and just go straight with full speed. This would be boring. I think the ideal speed is 25-35 km/h and it is all about carving the board. This is a good workout.

What is the future of the jet surfing industry in your opinion? Will it be light and fast petrol boards or electric boards will take over eventually?

I think at some point in the future the electric boards will take over. Like the majority of cars will be powered with battery power in future. That’s said, I think it will still take a few years and the light petrol powered surfboards are not end of life.

When someone wants to choose the board, what is your advice about it? Should they go for fast board like jetsurf or more like a slow recreational board or jet SUP?

I think this is a question each individual need to answer her- / himself. As mentioned above I personally need the 25-35 km/h speed for carving. I am happy with my Waterwolf, but I am very much looking forward to test other boards. I started with one electric skateboard 2009 and now I own 4 E-Boards. Let’s see how much E-Surfer I can collect over the years 😉

Thank you and looking forward to meet you soon!

My pleasure.



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