UNBOXING & Testing the Self-Following Drone- Flypro XEagle 4K!

Hello guys,

After the mishap with my old drone, the DJI Phantom, I’ve got a new one- Flypro XEagle 4k. Is that a mouthful? Okay… Let’s just stick with Flypro 🙂

So in today’s video, I’ll be unboxing the Flypro, and testing it out. Of course, I’ll also be comparing it with my old drone, DJI Phantom, and doing a honest review.

We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages, and see which one is best suited for filming surf videos.

According to the developers, Flypro can remain in the air for about 22 minutes and can record videos in 4K thanks to its amazing camera lens. Also, it can be controlled via a waterproof wristwatch!!

Although similar in size, the Flypro and DJI phantom are very different in terms of what they bring to the table.

Enough of talking… check out the video below for the full gist!


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