New DIY Electric Hydrofoil Sneak Peak at Kickstarter!

Chris Vermeulen  from Canada is working on a DIY High-performance Electric Hydrofoil project. Regular Hydrofoils, Surfboards, and SUP’s can be boring when the conditions aren’t just right BUT not anymore! Thanks to a proper Electric setup, you don’t need the perfect conditions to have fun!

Try some of these on for size: You can turn the next hot and sunny flat-water day into an adventure up the coast with your SUP, surfboard, or hydrofoil.  Say bye-bye to fun-less choppy days, now you can fly over water and hover three feet in the air while cruising at speeds up to 24+mph with our bolt on, wireless electric propulsion system.

We are creating propulsion systems that are high-performance, capable of giving you your much-needed adrenaline fix prompted by the squeeze of the wireless speed controller.

Whatever your body is craving, our VeFoil Kit will fulfill your needs.

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What’s the aim of Kickstarter’s project?

This Kickstarter project is our way to give back to the DIY electric hydrofoil and surfboard communities. We have practical and workable designs, but we are merely scratching the surface, we can do better. Unfortunately, research and development get expensive pretty quickly. Having more time and funding will be really helpful; we can develop and release better top notch products that will give buyers much more bang for their buck. Here are some things we would like to improve on:

  • Finding the most cost effective, energy efficient, and powerful motor assembly we can get
  • Developing a long-range torpedo battery pack
  • Creating a waterproof, wireless, handheld, remote control system

Our goal is to create an amazing high-performance, a multi-use propulsion system that turns almost any type of board (Hydrofoil, Surfboard, or SUP) into a breathtaking experience at a super affordable price! Did we mention that it could be mounted on Surfboards, SUP’s, and Hydrofoils, talk about being versatile!

Why do we need your help?

Creating the type of high-performance propulsion systems we intend to make is no walk in the park. As we mentioned earlier, further research and development is quite expensive, but we want to make something of high quality that will still be affordable and won’t drain your pockets.

We also want it to come at a cost cheaper than if you were to buy the parts yourself. We need your help at this stage to help us fund the design work. The cost to buy multiple motors, controllers, bodies, 3D print custom parts, and all the other odds and ends accumulate quickly. Stomaching this cost with just our small team can be quite difficult. With your help, we can move forward with designs.

It is our hope that VeFoil will give tinkerers and adventurers alike more flexibility than other Hydrofoil Board setups. By being a DIY kit instead of a pre-assembled product, we can do just that and turn any new or old board into something even better!

We can accomplish this by bulk ordering of parts direct from manufacturers we can have parts arrive customized for our plug-n-play design. This provides a cost savings range between 45 – 85% on delivered parts.

As a result we certainly hope to be able to provide our future Kickstarter kits for cheaper than you would be able to buy comparable parts on your own.

=> Support it here on Kickstarter

What are the benefits/rewards?

You are guaranteed to gain something by helping to support this project. For some, it may simply be the opportunity to help push a new startup forward. For others, it may be the chance to have a direct hand in bringing a new creation to life. Regardless of your motivation, your support will help make this all a reality.

Perhaps you are interested in getting your own electric propulsion system; this project is perfect for you because we are applying the finishing touch in the areas of development and testing. As soon as we are done with this, we’ll proceed with production of our complete ready to ride bolt on propulsion system! You will be among first to know about this and can get in early.


Maybe you are an independent individual, and you want to build your own propulsion system, you couldn’t be in a better place. Supporting us will give you an unfair advantage over the others, through our unique rewards and education; you will be miles ahead in the areas of jet propulsion systems, saving you time and money!

We want you to become part of the story and be recognized for it. We would also like to share our building experience, tips, and tricks.

As part of our rewards, you will also be able to gain a thorough experience of the design and building of the electric propulsion system through our project here at Kickstarter.

After successful funding of this project, you can expect a second Kickstarter project coming up soon within a few months, for an exclusive and limited edition product launch of the complete and electric propulsion system product.

Support us today and help make our goal to design the coolest high-tech, high-power, and extremely fun product at an affordable price a reality. Click here to find out more.

Written by: Ana Sway


Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with Chris Vermeulen. We are supporting this project as we love all the development in the Jet board industry

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