Benidorm Is On Fire: The Grand Tour Is About To Kick-Off!!

The tour is about to kick off, and I’m really excited!

There is so much cool stuff to anticipate!

I am super excited; finally i arrived at Benidorm and met Wayne to start the tour! It’s going to be great!

We are putting more stickers!

Remember, if you live in SpainFranceGermanySwitzerlandMonaco and Austria don’t delay, come hang out with us, we would love to meet you during the “grand tour.” Let’s make waves and shoot some amazing videos!

We have made some updates to the tour dates, you can check them out below.


DAY 2: Today, we’ll be heading to the secret lake! We are taking the Lampuga Air and Supjet out for a spin! The Lampuga is the self proclaimed fastest jetsurf board in the world. This should be fun 🙂


Meeting the Jetsurf Team!

Today, we got to hang out with some really cool people; The Jetsurf Team!

Ooops!! 🙂

Okay, here we go!


Testing of the Jetson Boards took place in Barcelona!

It was an amazing day and we had a great time getting a feel of how the Jetson surf machines work. We’ll be dropping a full video on this later on, so, Stay Tuned!!


Hanging out with the Water Rebels!
The surf rebel is one amazing water machine! I had a great time with the Water Rebels, checking out their dope jetsurf board; the Surf Rebel!


Meeting Marcus from Waterwolf
Jet Board Limited, Jetsurfingnation, Motorsurfnation and Esurfer meet Marcus from Waterwolf. We met at a beautiful lake and a whole fleet of Waterwolf boards were available to try, test and ride.
We had our friends from Jet Board Germany came to join the fray, a couple of fans and followers also showed up. It was a great turnout and everybody absolutely loved riding the boards!
Jet Board Limited  looks forward to stocking and supplying the Waterwolf boards throughout Europe in 2018. We will have our first demo board for testing, hire, lessons and try before you buy this year.


Meeting e-surfer Andreas and testing Waterwolf
Here we are chilling with e-surfer Andreas and taking out the Waterwolf for a spin! Oh! and there’s some skate boarding too!
Its like a precursor to surfing, similar mechanics… Although, skating is fun, it’s nothing compared to the thrill of the waves 🙂
The Tour continues.
We are having fun with fans and horse 🙂
Take a look below.

Updated TOUR dates

17th Sept- Barcelona

18th Sept- Carcassonne

19th Sept- Paris

Hamburg and Annecy have been cancelled

Other dates remain unchanged.

See you soon!

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