Elevate Presents: The World’s First Inflatable Electric Foil & Windsurfboard!

When the Elevate team got together, their primary goal was to create a multi-purpose hydrofoil that you can use for different water activities. This led to the birth of the inflatable Board! The inflatable Board is usable as e-foil, windsurf, windfoil and even for foil-kitesurf.

The fresh multi-use propulsion system 2.0 can be used with different type of boards (Hydrofoil, Surfboard, or SUP) and also for scuba diving as it will accelerate you to about 8mh/h or 5mph underwater!

This is some exciting stuff!

Additionally, the propulsion system allows the rider to fly above water achieving smooth speeds of about 18-30km/h or 11-19mph. The amazing teamwork and engineering genius has led to the creation of an inflatable/easy transportable SUP-Foil, which is stiff enough to take the high loads and momentums of the Foilmast, – a wing profile that is flying at much lower speeds than its competitors and – a multi-versatile engine that generates about 2KW power.

Well… enough of the talking. See it in action in the video below!


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