Mako Slingshot: The New Jetsurfboard Everybody is Talking About!

Surf enthusiasts and water lovers alike have all be enthralled by the idea of a super powered jetsurfboard.
An amazing water machine with beautiful aesthetics and mouth-watering specs. This is exactly what the team at Mako had in mind when they came out with the Slingshot.
They obviously wanted something different, something truly exciting. To achieve this, they replaced battery power with jet power, turned to herringbone carbon fiber for the body’s design and utilized aerospace manufacturing techniques for its engineering.

The result was the Slingshot! A fantastic surfboard powered by a 100cc two-stroke engine connected to a direct-drive axial-flow jet drive. This combination allows the Slingshot to churn out speeds upwards of 30mph! (48km/h). The board itself was designed with this in mind, as Mako claims that it intends to put power in the hands of its users.
At the touch of three buttons, the press-catch cowling opens; safely hidden here is the Rotron XT100 two-stroke power plant. This arrangement allows for easy access to the engine bay.

Mako wanted to make something powerful but at the same time portable and convenient for carriage. To achieve this, they utilized lightweight carbon fiber materials in its construction. The Slingshot measures up to 1.88m in length and 59.6cm in width. This combined with the carbon fiber design makes the board relatively easy to carry, either by hand or on the roof of your car.

Something this powerful has to be stable right? Else a lot of bad things can happen…
Luckily for us, Mako took this into account. According to them, the Slingshot has been meticulously engineered to maintain its strength in adverse conditions; it’s pretty lightweight, weighing only 19.5kg. So whether you are moving in a straight line or make crazy turns, the Slingshot will ensure you are well balanced and always in control.
Mako’s Slingshot also comes with a 12-year warranty plan and is currently priced at $1,500. So if you are an athletic surfer looking for a new challenge, then brace up and go check out the Slingshot!

Written by: Ana Sway

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