Fliteboard eFoil: A Revolutionary New Way to Ride on Water!

Fliteboard eFoil is an upcoming beauty, a stellar piece of work that gives you the tremendous feeling of soaring above the ocean’s waves. It encapsulates the idea of speed and quietude into a single body, and most importantly, it runs free of any emissions!

Offering brawn and beauty, the Fliteboard is made from high-quality materials and custom electronics which help to ensure safety, strength, easy usage, efficient application, and durability. Supported by powerful Japanese Lithium-ion battery cells, Fliteboard can offer high energy duration per kilogram.

There is no doubt about it; this machine was created to fly, to achieve this, modern age materials have been utilized in its construction. It makes use of the strongest and lightest materials, including carbon fiber, stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum and Paulownia.

Its precision drive is made possible by a compact and powerful electric motor, with a gearbox that provides maximum response and efficiency. It has a range of 28km and an average speed of 62 min, averaging speeds of up to 26km while reaching top speeds of 36km!

Don’t let its silence to fool you! The Fliteboard eFoil is super smooth and carves a “Flite” path as it flies above the waves.

Are you an environmental enthusiast? (99% of water lovers are), or are you looking for something new, different and challenging? Then, the Fliteboard eFoil is the right machine for you! And it’s coming out in 2018!

So, just be patient and keep your fingers crossed, new things are happening in the Jetsurf community, and we plan on being there, and keeping you up to speed!


Written by: Ana Sway

News Copyright: fliteboard.com

Image Content: fliteboard.com

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