The Nuclear Horse is coming to town!

A new aqua scooter is in the works and will be arriving soon. The project Nuclear horse-2 or the NH-2 is a surf scooter that has been designed and developed in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was specifically engineered to be efficient and portable, while also running on impressive speeds.

To achieve this engineering feat, the developers used an airdeck body, supported by a modified Minarelli (horizontally water-cooled 70 cc), just weighing 30kg. Although the developers stated that they plan to trim it down to 25kg.

Its engine pumps out 5-6hp, with a fuel tank capacity of 5 liters, this permits a pilot of 85 kg to hit speeds of up to 30 km/h, there is also a chance to overclock to 35km/h! The Nuclear Horse’s overall weight is about 28kg.

For the full details, check out the video below.


A key difference is the propeller, which is located in the nozzle and not the water cannon. It is also started electrically instead of manually.

Before The Nuclear Horse arrives, the developers are still studying the potential market demand and are looking for dealers. The Nuclear Horse is currently priced at an estimate of 120 – 180т.р.

For further questions and details, you can check out their group:  or their website in the credits below.


Written by: Ana Sway

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