Anticipate Our Upcoming Epic Testing Videos!!

We just recorded Esurf videos and will be dropping two awesome episodes shortly!

1. Esurf (Tour part 13) electric board, inflatable. This is a similar board to Swagsurf. It is very affordable (3000 USD) starter inflatable board with a hydrofoil.

2. Lagoon Epropulsion (Tour part 14) a universal propulsion system for SUP  and    Kayak.

These are two very affordable solutions for beginners and will find a good market for people who look for a cheap and affordable starter board that is safe and easy to use.

Their idea is close to Lampuga air, but the board is much lighter (weighing only 17kg, while Lampuga is close to 45-50 I think), It is easier to use but of course has less power than Lampuga and much cheaper.


The main difference is that the whole board comprises of a single unit and not 2 units like the Lampuga.

Its power level is close to the Carver, we made a fun race and carver barely won. Though carver is 2 times more expensive and almost 2 times heavier and longer.

Peter and his kind team came from China, they visited us in Benidorm and showed us everything.

They’re really great guys!

The epic videos detailing this testing adventure will be out soon.

So stay tuned!!

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