PinniJet 2.0 – A Fresh Electric Jetsurfer from Italy will Hit your Shores Soon!

Far away in Lake Como, Italy, a surfboard developer, Ferruccio has created an electric jetsurfer machine, and he is calling it the PinniJet.

The PinniJet isn’t Ferruccio’s first rodeo, as a skilled developer, prototypes had to be tested first. Although there were several issues with the original version, this remake – PinniJet 2.0, aims to nullify all issues affiliated with the first version.

The second generation PinniJet is much better and has completely curbed the problem of battery overheating and a short ride time of just 10 minutes.

Now, PinniJet 2.0 spots a weight of 86 lbs or 39 kg, with a brushless motor beefed up by a removable battery capable of lasting for 25-30 minutes. These features have allowed the PinniJet to be able to reach speeds up to 33 mph or 53 km/h. These are quite impressive numbers if you ask me!

It should be noted that the ride time depends on the speed and the weight of the rider. The body of the board is touted to have been forged utilizing what they’re calling sandwich technology. It is quite similar to the Waterwolf in design, but the PinniJet has a jet engine instead of a propeller like the Waterwolf.

For the sake of safety and stability, the PinniJet possess a big fin and a leash which functions as an emergency switch that turns off the motor in the event that the rider falls off the board.

Ferruccio really did good with this one! Although there are still some hurdles to cross for it to enter the stage of mass production, we’ll continue monitoring the progress of the PinniJet, and hopefully, we will hear good news regarding production and sales in 2018!


Written by: Ana Sway

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