Surf into the New Year with the Seazet!

Touted by its developers as the world’s lightest motorized surfboard, the Seazet comes with an amazing and powerful 100cc engine! This specially designed engine gives the Seazet an amazing high power to weight ratio.
Since it Is made from high-quality materials, Seazet’s engine can boast of efficiency and durability even in some of the harshest water environment.

A lot of precautions have been taken to ensure safety with the Seazet. For instance, buoyancy materials have been integrated into the board of the machine, making it harder to sink during an emergency situation.

For the Seazet’s hull, it’s developers decided to use aerospace building material, CFRP; which is known to be lighter than aluminum, stronger than iron, with higher elasticity than titanium. The use of CFRP materials makes the Seazet highly resistant to strain and abrasion.

A quick drainage system has also been added which helps remove excess water that accumulated during riding. It weighs about 14.7 kg, capable of carrying a maximum load of 100kg! Talk about lightweight and efficient!

It is powered by a Li-ion 5Ah battery which requires approximately 45 minutes to charge fully. It also utilizes a Jet-pump drive direct propulsion system that runs on unleaded 95 octane or higher+4T oil as its fuel, allowing it to reach maximum speeds of 59km/h!
The Seazet is a great board with a lot of new features that will surely blow your mind away!
Not a bad way to start 2018 eh? 🙂



Article written by: Ana Sway

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