Epropulsion’s LAGOON Engine: An Amazing Accessory for SUPs, kayaks and canoes!

Those of us that like to ride on SUPs, Kayaks, canoes all have similar problems. It is frustrating when you cannot go as fast as you want to or cruise on the water and enjoy the scenery when you are fatigued. The guys at epropulsion sought to solve this problem by creating an amazing engine called the LAGOON!

Lagoon is an accessory engine with versatile applications. It can be used with nearly all kinds of SUPs, kayaks, canoes, as well as most other small-sized boats. The Lagoon adapter suits two popular fin boxes in the market. Therefore, the LAGOON can easily be connected many kinds of SUPs, kayaks, canoes, or even small boats. All mounting issues for sea toys without a standard fin box is solved by the LAGOON universal adapter.

The LAGOON takes the term “small but might” to a whole new level. Being an outstanding 300wh lithium-ion battery and weighing only 2.5kg! Regardless of its lightweight property, it is still able to churn out an energy density of 120wh/kg! It also supports 1.1-hour operation at full-speed of around 8km/h.

LAGOON comes with a wearable remote controller which gives the user complete control over its speed and allows for emergency stops. This wearable can be worn on the wrist like a watch, attached to the paddle or held in hand giving the user easy access.

The selling point of the LAGOON comes in its ability to enable extended travel range. Regular traveling can be limited and frustrating when using SUPs, kayaks or canoes. This can be due to a number of factors, like fatigue, or wind currents. LAGOON eliminates this limitation by empowering your boat to go further and faster even under these previously mentioned circumstances. Lagoon is capable of traveling for at top speeds of about 8.5km/h, and low speeds of nearly 5km/h.

In total, the Lagoon can last 9 hours on the water, extending the travel range to 45km.

For such a light engine, several other features have been incorporated into its design, including the use of anti-corrosive materials, zero-emission technology, intelligent indicators, quick charge and many other interesting features.

So, if you feel you need to spice up your ride on your favorite Kayak, or SUPs, then think no further than epropulsion’s LAGOON!


Written by: Ana Sway

News Source: http://www.epropulsion.com/lagoon

Image Copyright: http://www.epropulsion.com/lagoon

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