Jetsurf Presents: UltraSport Model for 2018!

The Ultra Sport has always been a family’s go-to board; it is the water toy that anybody can enjoy. It is quick, durable, reliable, but most of all, it will give you an enjoyable ride. Although it has a small engine when compared to other motorized surfboards, its size was not an accident; it was designed this way to help improve its battery life, maximize its fuel efficiency and be an overall fun ride for the family.

Is chasing big waves on a pumping swell your thing? Or do you prefer to have chilled out fun cruising during your free time? If you answer yes to any of these questions then, you should consider the UltraSport 2018! It’s small but mighty engine, coupled with its lightweight and highly comfortable footstraps, allows the rider to experience the feeling of tow movement.

As a high tech gadget, the UltraSport allows its rider to control the speed effortlessly by squeezing or releasing the throttle enhancing the overall wave experience. Now, you can easily position yourself on the wave or face a barrel with solid confidence. You can also hit the gas to avoid a close-out.

So what improvements did JetsSurf incorporate into the UltraSport?

A lighter and more efficient, Carbon fiber jet pump has been added making the machine more reliable in salt water. Also, new timing sensor has been added with upgraded new improvements that are simplified for engine removal before traveling. In addition to this Fuel Tank has been worked upon, allowing for smoother removal fuel tank.

So, if you’re a family guy *pun intended* looking to have some fun on the water, then look no further than Jetsurf’s UltraSport 2018!

Written by: Ana Sway

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