ANTICIPATE!! As Barcelona-Montgat Opens This Spring!

Spain’s first public wave Garden complex will cost an outstanding 10 million Euros, while occupying a total area of 48,500 square meters. Tarifa of Catalonia as it is famously called will have an artificial lagoon measuring up to 15,000 square meters, completely designed to pump out 5.5-foot (1.70 meters) waves every four seconds.

According to one of the surf pool promoters, Pau Serracanta, the whole idea behind the Montgat project was surfing, nothing more, nothing less.

“Montgat is an iconic place for natural surfing, and it will also be for artificial surfing. It will not be a water park, but it will have free access. There will be no bathing area, only surfing will be practiced.”

The triangular wavegarden was built using second generation Wavegarden technology, and it is designed to produce barreling waves and A-Frame waves in fresh water from both left and right handlers while being able to accommodate 108 surfers per hour. The Montgat project also includes shops, restaurants, and other commercial areas.

As for the price, Montgat will charge between 20 and 35 euros per hour for surfing in the artificial environment.

Montgat will be opened to surfers this spring!

Can’t wait!!

Written by: Ana Sway

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