ESURF – The Fastest and Smallest Electrical Racing Jetboard from Sweden

Wayne and Alexander are introducing “ESURF – Electrical Racing Jetboard from Sweden”
The world of Electric Surfboards is changing as you know it. The bar has finally been raised. Nothing else like it on the market and I don’t see anything coming close for quite some time. Every single piece of this board has been designed and manufactured specifically for this board buy a team of handpicked engineers who worked on it permanently for the last year. I can tell you right now that this is as good as it gets with electric surfboards. I wont just make claims and give my opinion though but I urge and encourage you to follow the page and make your own decisions.
ESURF® Measures 172 x 58 x 12cm.  Board weighs 9.8 kg.  Battery weighs 14 kg.  Reaches 60 km/h instantly. 30+ minute ride time in race mode with a heavy rider. Quick and easy interchangeable batteries.
Not much more we can say other than we let the board do the rest of the talking.
You can see some of the riding footage on the official facebook page here
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