Introducing Another Innovative German Machine: The Curf Surf!

Purely based off on on-field experiences, Curf Technology has developed an amazing surfboard perfectly suited for wave riding enthusiasts! The Curf e-surfboard has all made in Germany parts, and according to the developers (Curf Technology), their machine boasts of maximum safety, intuitive steering, intelligent user-friendliness and the highest power in the market.

It functions by utilizing two replaceable lithium-ion batteries and has integrated a unique plug & play replaceable battery system, allowing users to replace the batteries easily, within seconds. The battery pack is also completely waterproof, which will help keep your battery safe as you prowl on water and prolong the battery’s life. The batteries have a charging time of 2 hours, and 40 minutes operational time.

The new engine used in the Curf is a true beast! It can accelerate from 0 to 31 mph in 4.2 seconds, and is capable of reaching top speeds of about 38 mph!  Curf is also said to possess static thrust of 90 kg / 16 kW. There is also an option to waterski behind.

Curf has stated that safety is their number one priority, well… for a surfboard built around surfing experiences, this isn’t surprising at all. To keep their users safe, Curf has integrated a magnetic emergency stop mechanism which kicks in if the rider falls off the board, effectively shutting down the Curf. The shape of the Curf was also designed to make it resistant to impacts and torsion.

Curf’s dimensions are pretty cool:

length: 192 cm

width: 73 cm

height: 26 cm

weight without battery: 60 lbs

It seems the Curf is pretty lightweight, Developers have claimed that one person can carry the board alone.

Overall, Curf looks like a fantastic board to try out, it is easy to ride on; which can be done standing or sitting, it’s emergency safety options are also nice to keep in mind, plus its weight and design make it a pretty stable and fun surfboard to try out!


Written by: Ana Sway

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