How to Fly on the Plane with your Jetsurf Motorized Surfboard?

In this short video I have prepared my tips on how you can fly on the plane with your jetsurf motorized surfboard. You will learn things to prepare in advance, how to pack the board properly to make sure it is not damaged during the flight.

This was my first flight with a board and it went very smooth, so I hope my experience will be helpful. When preparing the video I also consulted with other jetsurf racers that make over 50 flights per year with their boards.

My bonus tip – avoid connection flights (especially through Germany) and try to take direct flights only. Jetsurf is very expensive and you really don’t want to lose or damage it on the bad connection flight.

Do not declare it as “jetsurf” or motorized surfboard to avoid unnecessary questions. Just declare “Windsurf sports equipment” when doing checkin. In 99% cases it goes through the scan without any extra questions, as it has no liquids and a very small ICU battery inside.

In 1% case they may ask you to show it, take out ICU and put it in a separate baggage. If you have electric jetboard, you can not fly the battery and have to ship it by cargo plane (DHL etc) separately.

The best idea is to just drive with your electric board or find someone that can rent you battery in the location where you travel. Moreover most electric jetboards are sealed waterproof and may get damaged by the air pressure during the flight.



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