How to choose jetsurf leash, helmets, life jackets, life vests and drysuit?

In this new short tips&tricks video I will show you how to properly choose a jetsurf leash, how to attach it to the board and common mistakes to avoid. As a bonus tip, I will show you different types of summer and winter helmets, life jackets and life vests I am using and a dry suite that is perfect for cold winter rides.

We will cover –

Choosing jetsurf leash, regular vs coiled leash

– 4 ways to attach the leash to jetsurf, pros and cons

– 2 types of jetsurfing helmets and what NOT to use

– Summer and winter life jackets and life vests I am using

– Dry suite that is perfect for cold winter rides (Ocean Rodeo Soul Classic)

The helmets I show are

– Jetsurf Helmet LAZER

– Scorpion Helmets for Motocross

– MET Parachute Helmet

The life jackets and life vests I am using

– The Ruthless molded vests by Jobe

– Jobe Neoprene Vest

– O’Neill Slasher Comp Vest

I am NOT affiliated with any brands I mention. It’s 100% honest opinion.

A lot of things I cover might look simple and obvious for jetsurf experts and veterans, but could be very helpful for people who are just starting out with jet surfing and have no experience in it!

As usual, big thanks to Luis for helping me with filming this and Wayne Brooks from Jetboard Limited and Jeff Scott from Sussex installations and Thomas and Vaclav from Jetsurf Factory for consulting me about the technical part and giving me valuable advice on the board maintenance.

See the action here!


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