Best Electric Hydrofoils 2019 – Top 10 eFoils

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Today, we’ll be dishing out our analysis of the Best Electric Hydrofoils 2019!

Here is our list  – The Top 10 eFoils

We are only counting efoils and will have a separate video for traditional jet boards without a foil. Please note that the specs of most efoils are very similar – the weight is around 15kg board with a foil, 15kg battery, which gives a running time of 1 hour at a maximum speed of 45 km/hour depending on the rider weight and the wing size!

10. JetFoiler Jetfoiler is a product of Kai Concepts.

Constructed from the same quality composites used in high-end race boats

9 Hoverstar Surfing Aquajet Pro H5

This is a chinese hydrofoil that should hit the market next year promising great speeds and affordable price.

8 Cabratec Easy Goat hydrofoil.

This is Czech republic development and one of the most affordable hydrofoils among all on our list

7 Albatross Okarbon eFoil

This board from Slovenia is still in pre-production but looks very promising. It’s inflatable, which offers many advantages, form ease of transport, storage, easy of user-repair on site to the safety aspect when crashing

6 ELdoRIDEdo

This is the World’s first electric hydrofoil powered by IMPELLER by a talented Eldo team from Czeck republic. However the project was delayed because they are also developing a fully electrical plane which made the first flight!

5 Vefoil

This is a very interesting DIY project by Chris started during the crowdfunding campaign. The project took a while to complete, but currently in the final stages of development and should hit the market soon! The goal of Vefoil is to make a very affordable and safe efoil and waterproof remote.

4 e-Takuma efoil

Takuma efoil should be another quality and affordable foil from Takuma Concept, a famous brand that is producing traditional hydrofoils and wings. It features modular system and should let you ride up to 75 minutes gliding at a speed of 30 km/hour

3 Flying rodeo

Another exciting board from Slovenia, developed by the talented engineer David. We had a chance to meet David and his team and test the board last year, so make sure to check our full video review.

2 Liftfoils

This is one of the oldest original electric hydrofoils which was first to actually ship it. Lift is a product created by Nick Leason and his team from Puerto Rico. Currently Lift is one of the market leaders shipping a big amount of high quality efoils around the word and developing new models of wings and styles. You can watch detailed video review on our channel to learn more about this exciting product.

1. Fliteboard

Tthis outstanding efoil from Australia combines the quality of iphone and the top features that every hydrofoil user desire. Fliteboard comes in several shapes and sizes, including the inflatable one for easier learning. Everything about fliteboard screams quality and that’s why it is our top pick among all hydrofoils this year! Make sure to watch the interview with the developers and our tests on our channel to learn more about it!

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