Number 1 mistake in jetboards – DONT DO THIS!

If there was just one tip I could give to anyone considering buying jetboards – NEVER, never ever buy any first generation jetboards


  • Preorders (you’ll never see the board or will wait 2+ years). Wait till they are READY.
  • Prototypes (they made 1 board and have no clue how to build a real business and post-sale service)
  • First generation boards (you will be basically unpaid betatester and struggle forever collecting all the bugs and problems)
  • Unclear business model and bloated prices (such companies will go bankrupt or looking for exit strategy, we all know what i mean)
  • Chinese jetboards and efoils from Alibaba. You will get a piece of plastic that will collect dust on the shelf and break after the first use in the water.

Even Jetsurf, the most reliable board was not that good before 2016, it was breaking a lot. Only after 2017 models with so much trial and error they got it right and finally it became one of the most reliable boards. Same true for any other board.

Main tips

  1. See if the company can stay at least 2-3 years in business and provide a quality support and post sale service and repairs. Good examples – Onean, Jetsurf, Fliteboard, Lift. These companies stay in business 2+ years and more and can be trusted.
  2. Check the customer videos on social media. If there are none – it’s a big red flag. It means there are no REAL buyers using and testing the board and the company is selling under 10 boards a month, so you will be basically an unpaid betatester if you buy it.
  3. Look for water tests. I am not a fan of trade shows. They are all good with parties and hand shaking but I dont trust the board that is not well tested in salty water in real conditions, not in trade shows.
  4. Check for customer complaints on social media. If the board break a lot – it’s a bad sign. dah!
  5. Check for battery safety. How safe is the battery? Do they provide the fireproof case? Is it low quality chinese battery that is not waterproof and can explode or a good sealed quality battery? You don’t want to put your house on fire!

Stay safe and ride! Remember, see our videos to make the right choice:


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