Why EFOILS are so EXPENSIVE? ft David from Fliteboard

“$12,000 for a foil with a motor??? I could buy a JETSKI INSTEAD!??”

Electric hydrofoils or Efoils in short are quickly becoming the next big thing, one of the most fun ways to spend time on the water.

The fast, smooth, and silent cruising over the surface gives you an amazing feeling of flying… But the main question remains – why are they so expensive? Today we meet David Trewern from Australia, the creator of the Fliteboard to ask him the most uncomfortable questions from our followers.


00:31 What is Fliteboard efoil and exciting news after the first 1000 boards sold?

01:55 Why EFOILS are so EXPENSIVE??? Uncomfortable questions from followers

06:10 Can you compare the components of efoil a carbon sailboard and electric outboard motor? What goes into making a quality and lasting efoil?

10:51 – Carbon fiber efoil WINGS? 500kg of static pressure

13:20 The e-skateboard is usually priced around 250 USD..why is efoil battery so expensive? It’s like 10 times more than Onewheel

16:05 “I could buy a JETSKI for that money!?”

19:35 Let’s compare the petrol engines vs electric ones? What’s more economical long term?

21:38 Most people don’t realize that aside of the price of the product itself, a lot goes into the quality post-sale support and service. What happens if the board breaks?

23:20 The popular question is “why would I pay 12k if I could buy the same on ALIBABA half the price”? Could you compare your efoil to those generic Chinese efoils sold on Alibaba?

25:17  Do you expect the battery technology change significantly during the next 5 years that may make efoils more affordable to mass markets?

27:40 The main problem of traditional electric jetboards without foil is their big weight and very short riding time. How does efoil solve these problems?

30:11 Some people believe that using a motor in the foil is basically cheating. Being a sports professional yourself and a kitesurfing world record speed holder what do you have to say about it?

33:17 Efoil Radical tricks, racing, jumps and backflips, efoil waveriding?

34:27 Electricity and salty water are not the best friends. What is done to make sure the battery is safe to use in the salty water?

37:20 We had a great interview 2 years ago in Spain and now you sold your first 1000 boards. What changed since then? Tell us the exciting news about your new Flite app, new wings, and what’s coming? Will there be efoil racing in the future? A version with pads, rope?

41:27 How to choose Efoil to get started? Size, mast, wings configurations? Pro board? Inflatable efoil?


Enjoying my videos? Join me on my mission to spread the word about this exciting new sport of Jet surfing My main blog with news and updates about jet surfing and artificial waves Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves http://jetsurfingnation.com/

My main blog with news and updates about jet surfing and artificial waves Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves http://jetsurfingnation.com/

The new exciting sport is evolving and together, we can be on the edge of the new next-generation surfing technology to test electric jet boards

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