BOOST FIN Preview – The World’s First Electric Surf Fin from Kickstarter

Some surfers are just like Kelly Slater always on top of their game. For the rest 99% of us, surfing can be an endless struggle and nonstop paddling…

To solve this, Dmitri Kozhevnikov and his team from Huntington beach are developing a next-generation propulsion system called Boost fin.

Boost is Changing Surfing Experience – The fin that gives you just enough of extra energy to push the limits of what is possible. A revolutionary combination of power, portability, and design applied in the surfing industry. 90% of your surf session is paddling.

To make the most out of every swell and every session you need to be able to paddle faster and longer. To catch even a single wave you’ll need to paddle. But if you want to catch LOTS of waves you’ll need to Paddle a lot! Boost Fin helps you do just that.



00:31 Electric Boost Fin Kickstarter Success?

00:48 Meet Dmitri Kozhevnikov, CEO & Founder of Boost Surfing

00:58 Tell us more about Electric Boost Fin?

01:10 How to install the Boost Fin?

01:35 Two main GOALS of the Boost fin?

02:30 Haters gonna HATE? For KOOKS only? It’s CHEATING?

06:20 I love everything motorized! It’s about having fun on the waves

07:02 I tried first WAVEJET system, it was too heavy and too expensive

07:20 How did you make it so inexpensive? Just $199 preorders?

09:20 Boost Prototype creation process video

10:07 You are based in Huntington Beach, USA, the surf capital

10:32 Boost Fin with Pro Surfer – Bobby Hasbrook experience?

11:00 PRO surfers LOVE IT?

11:50 The surf GIRLS love it too, Bali video

12:35 Pro-rider’s Rad First Try on A Boost Fin (featuring Augusto Olinto)

13:52 Feedback and second version?

14:01 What attachment ADAPTERS do you offer?

16:02 Adhesive universal adapter

17:50 How about SAFETY? Propeller safety?

20:00 Short and long MODES of boost

21:11 How to attach REMOTE CONTROL? How does it work?

22:40 SEVERAL boost fins COMBINED? 3x Power? 5x Fins?

25:20 Can you attach it to the SHORTBOARD?

26:20 Smaller FIN and battery inside the board? Future ideas

27:30 The Boost APP? How does it work?

28:00 Continuous Mode for SUP paddleboards? 8sec, 20 seconds boosts

30:00 Track your progress, SMART button?

30:15 COVID-19 Delivery delays and shipping plans?

32:00 Diving Scooter, efoil, SUP setup and future plans?

33:00 Diving scooter ADAPTER 3D demo?



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