RADINN New Models EXCLUSIVE LIVE DEMO | Radinn 2020 models

Radinn was one of the first companies that introduced an electric Jetboard to the market. Now many years later they are finally launching several new models and we are excited to meet Radinn team to see a live demonstration of the new boards. Featured interview with Fredrik Ardmar.

NEW MODELS: Explore, Freeride, Carve Radinn Carve has a powerful Plug&Play battery that allows you to ride on a single charge from 25 to 45 minutes depending on the selected battery capacity (Standart, Large, Extended). Mobile app The company has proposed a completely new way for the pilot to interact with the board using a smartphone application.

With this application, you can easily change the settings of all major systems and receive the necessary information while driving. Powerful Powertrain The manufacturer offers several versions of engines for Radinn Carve, allowing it to accelerate to a speed of 56 km/h. Optional equipment, in addition, you can purchase a set of carbon pens, as well as an enhanced charger that allows you to restore the battery within 2.5 hours. #radinn




00:00 Radinn was one of the first electric surfboards on the market

00:35 I was one of the first RADINN customers

00:50 Jetboard in Sweden? How did you grt started?

01:50 Alexander Lind school project?

02:22 What are the main CHALLENGES for electric jetboard?

02:50 We are trying to take the WEIGHT DOWN


03:55 NEW Modular system

04:20 New models are much Lighter

05:20 New 2020 models, 3 new shapes?

05:35 RADINN Explore, Freeride, Carve? Differences?

08:40 Differences in weight of new models?

09:20 Batteries? Bindings on battery? Interchangeable?

09:50 LIVE demo of the new Radinn boards

11:20 Remote control demonstration

11:40 Security leash

13:30 Radinn Carve model demo

14:35 Size comparison of all 3 models

15:05 FCS fins installation

16:05 Show the battery and how to change it?

17:40 What is the RIDING TIME?

19:20 Charging time?

20:00 Future of Radinn? Efoils? Where is the sport going?

21:35 More affordable models of Radinn

22:15 Post Covid19 Shipping? How Coronavirus affected Radinn?

24:20 First reactions from real users



Enjoying my videos? Join me on my mission to spread the word about this exciting new sport of Jet surfing My main blog with news and updates about jet surfing and artificial waves Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves http://jetsurfingnation.com/

My main blog with news and updates about jet surfing and artificial waves Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves http://jetsurfingnation.com/

The new exciting sport is evolving and together, we can be on the edge of the new next-generation surfing technology to test electric jet boards

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