Electric surfboard battery tips | fireproof boxes | storage and safety tips

Electric jetboards and hydrofoils are becoming really popular and today we are going to meet Andreas who is an expert in the industry of efoils and motorized surfboards and a creator of a well-known magazine and blog called E-Surfer.com

 In this episode we are going to talk about the future of the industry, the safety of the batteries, how to properly charge and store the high power batteries at home to avoid potential risks, how to charge the batteries on the go in your car, mobile home or yatch, how to keep them safely in the fireproof boxes, how to store batteries long term in winter to extend the battery life – everything you need to know to have a safe and fun experience when dealing with electric batteries.



00:00 Electric surfboard battery tips: fireproof boxes, storage and safety tips battery

01:49 What are the usual energy capacities in electric jetboard and efoil battery and usual charging time?

03:28 Let’s talk more about how to charge the big battery safely. I know there are standard chargers, there are fast chargers?

04:44 Show examples of jetboard battery chargers, efoil chargers

05:30 Can we charge on the go? Can people charge e-surfboard batteries in the car or their mobile home?

07:01 Charging on the boats and yachts? Zero local emissions?

08:48  Let’s cover mobile generators and mobile power stations, are they good enough? Can you give some examples?

11:00 Battery safety tips? Do you recommend charging in fireproof boxes?

14:00 Can you give examples of fireproof boxes and bags that fit big batteries?

17:20 New fireproof bag from Onean, Torque Jetboards

18:00 Storing batteries long term in winter. Please give your tips and examples at what charge it’s better to store? how often to re-charge and check it? Where to store and what conditions?

21:25 Can electric jetboarders and efoilers travel with their battery on the plane? If not how can they ship batteries worldwide?

23:30 What are your thoughts on the future of battery technology? I heard Tesla is focused on solid-state batteries, in which the liquid or gel part of a battery is replaced with a solid. Will things get better any time soon? What tech looks promising to you?

24:40 Electric surfboards vs petrol surfboards – jetsurf?

25:35 The future of the industry of jetboards and efoils? Thoughts on regulations?

28:50 Efoils vs Jetboards? What’s better?

31:10 What jetboard and efoil brands look promising for this season?

Also, make sure to check recent articles about battery charging and storing in winter https://e-surfer.com/en/how-to-charge…




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My main blog with news and updates about jet surfing and artificial waves Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves http://jetsurfingnation.com/

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