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The new exciting sport of jetboarding is taking over the world and today we have the pleasure of meeting a talented British inventor, Gilo Cardozo, creator of Mako Slingshot Jetboard, and a powered paraglider called Parajet. We’ll be talking with Gilo about what’s coming for the new season from Mako Boardsports.

The Mako Slingshot is perfectly balanced to give outstanding stability and control, so it’s easier than ever to jump on a board regardless of skill level. From the seasoned rider to someone just getting their toes wet for the first time, the Mako Slingshot jet board offers a versatile and unforgettable powered surfing experience.



00:00 We meet a talented British inventor Gilo Cardozo, creator of Mako Slingshot Jetboard

00:20 How Gilo Industries progress over years?

00:30 Gilo Industries: Flying Car, Parajet, Mako jet board, Engines

01:10 Mako Slingshot Jetboard improvements?

02:28 New generation foot straps for Mako surfboard

03:15 New aggressive improved engine for Mako Slingshot

04:00 Faster acceleration of Mako board

04:15 A lot of small improvements, FCS2 fins, new gasoline tank

04:40 Low profile fin for ramps and jumps

05:20 let’s talk about Mako Jetboard shape for waves?

05:30 Wave riding with Mako Jetboard, long rail

06:57 What are the parameters of the new Mako jetboard model?

08:12 Flying with Mako Jet Surfboards and Gravity Industries

09:28 Parajet Paramotors – Powered Paramotor?

10:40 How difficult is it to learn Parajet? Is it safe?

12:18 The future of electric surfboards and efoils?

14:00 Comparing electric jetboards and petrol surfboards

14:20 Electric Hydrofoils and efoils from Mako?

15:50 Quick release hydrofoil system from Mako

16:20 How COVID influence production and shipping?


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Enjoying my videos? Join me on my mission to spread the word about this exciting new sport of Jet surfing My main blog with news and updates about jet surfing and artificial waves Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves

My main blog with news and updates about jet surfing and artificial waves Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves

The new exciting sport is evolving and together, we can be on the edge of the new next-generation surfing technology to test electric jet boards

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