Top 10 Motorized surfboards. Best Electric Surfboards and Jetboards 2021

Best Electric Surfboards and Jetboards 2021 – Top 10 Motorized surfboards.

The new exciting sport of jet boarding is taking over the world with new electric surfboards and efoils appearing almost every month!



Radinn is a Swedish company that released new Carver and Freeride models which should be a vast improvement over an old Radinn wakejet model. The company is very active on social media and targeting luxury water toys and yacht owners. The new XL Power Pack gives up to 45 min run time according to developers with up to 52 km/hour top speed and weights about 42kg. A few months ago we had a great chance to meet the Radinn team and test out some of their amazing new boards.

Onean Carver

The Onean Carver Twin and Carver X were both created by a talented Spanish team of engineers with the goal of ending the need for waves to surf. The Carver X lives up to its name with dual jets and dual batteries; it was designed to carve up water and was intended for more experienced heavy surfers. The new model Carver Twin with its dual jet and a single battery is designed for casual surfers and lightweight riders. These models both have foot straps, a wireless remote, a battery, and a leash. Great design and affordable price when compared to other models.


Ewave electric jet board has a 6000 RPM engine promising a top speed of up to 56 km/hour and a battery life of up to 35 minutes. The best part about this board is its new dual system which lets you switch between a jetboard and hydrofoil attachment, making it the first “two in one” solution on the market combining jetboard and efoil together as an interchangeable system. The riding time in efoil mode is significantly longer and provides you with more than an hour of cruising above the water surface. This hybrid machine lets you enjoy the rapid turns, jumps, and adrenaline rides! Make sure to check our full tests and interview with the developers of ewave before you buy it!


The new Ravik S Awake RÄVIK S is a promising high-end Swedish jetboard that can get from 0 to 50 km/h in just 4 seconds and should deliver a 56 km/h ride! Make sure to check our latest review to find out more about this amazing and powerful jetboard.


The king of jetboards is still dominating the market. Thanks to constant innovation from its developers, it never gets old and keeps improving each year. This time the developers surprise us with the new Jetsurf Electric and DFI models – first-ever fuel injection for 2-stroke watersports engines!

This year, Jetsurf is also offering the new Adventure+ model which has an alternator that allows you to charge your battery while you ride it making the ride time virtually unlimited, just put more gas and go! The electric model is better for beginners, it’s zero local emissions design is environmentally friendly, it is very easy to learn, and still provides enough power for a ride up to 50km/h for 35 minutes of pure fun!

Our honorable mentions include Torque Ripnoster by Australian developers, ESurf powerful electric jetboard, Korean Jetwake that is releasing a new version, German Waterwolf jetboard, Mertek Electric surfboard, Boost Fin paddle assistant system for surfers, and many more great names.



00:00 Lets check Top 10 Motorized surfboards

01:31 RADINN Carver and Freeride jetboards

02:05 Onean Carver Twin and Carver X

02:44 Ewave dual system jetboard + efoil

03:30 Mo-Jet modular system

03:50 Mako Slingshot

04:18 Ewake

04:35 Motojet

04:40 Magic Surf

05:06 YuJet

05:25 Lampuga Air

05:36 Awake Ravik S

05:55 Jetsurf Race DFI

07:12 Jetsurf Adventure+

07:22 Jetsurf Electric

07:44 Honorable mentions


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