DJI FPV Drone Review |Filming Watersports FPV? | 10 DJI FPV Tips

DJI FPV From Zero to Hero!

In this video, I share my journey on learning to fly the DJI FPV drone to film watersports with NO prior FPV experience whatsoever!


00:00 Welcome to DJI FPV Drone Review

02:10 Why we need FPV? Compare footage

04:00 DJI FPV motion controller review

06:30 Learning to fly MANUAL mode in DJI FPV

08:50 First flight in Manual FPV mode

15:35 Practice in Liftoff simulator

17:10 First FPV flight to film watersports

18:20 DJI FPV Tips and tricks

21:20 DJI FPV Watersports footage


Drone Tips

Here are some important tips for using DJI FPV drone

1. Most important – Have a plan before you fly.

Unlike a simulator where you can masterfully go around the buildings and rocks, the real-life flight is very different. You will lose your connection instantly if you try to fly anywhere out of direct sight so forget about those epic flights around the rocks or canyons. Once the aircraft loses direct sight it will break instantly and try to return home.

Here is an example – I attempt a simple flight between the rocks but even though it looks like an open space the signal cuts off and the drone breaks. Remember the signal is good only when you remain in direct sight so plan properly your launch location to have maximum coverage. You can fly really far, many kilometers away in a direct sight but you cant fly even 100 meters behind the rock that you sit nearby that blocks the signal.

2. Tighten the throttle stick on a controller, it will make it much easier to fly in manual mode.

3. Go to advanced camera settings in the googles and set “distortion correction” to “aircraft only” to remove the props from the footage

4. Set auto record on takeoff to ON to avoid losing footage

5. Disable maximum distance of 500 meters in goggles settings. If you are in Europe there are some ways to switch from CE to long-range FCC mode you can google how to increase the transmission power.

6. Copy footage after each flight! Fly it like each flight is your last and be ready to say goodbye. Don’t fly over people and houses while learning the manual mode.

7. Recharge glasses battery often, they drain quickly. Take a USB charger for your car as a plan B.

8. Avoid days with high winds as well as flying over water in glassy conditions when the surface becomes a mirror and you will struggle to detect your altitude.

9. Get a Landing helipad. The landing is always a tricky part so get the helipad to avoid sand and dirt getting into your drone.

10. Get a simple Lens protector for your goggles to protect them from the sun.

11. Get more batteries. If you used to fly traditional old-school GPS drones you would be unpleasantly surprised that instead of advertised 20 minutes you will be lucky to get 5-8 minutes flight time before this fat heavy bird eats out all the battery and hits home. I would suggest having at least 4 batteries with you!

And finally, have fun and fly safe! FPV is one of the most exciting ways to fly your drone and if you never tried FPV before, I bet you will be pleasantly surprised! Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to jetsurfinantion channel! See you in the next one! Bye!



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