NEW LIFTFOILS E3 REVIEW | Efoil In-depth Review | Electric Hydrofoil with a folding prop

In this video I am testing one of the best efoils on the market, the new Liftfoils E3 Pro 4.2 Electric Hydrofoil Lift 3. 

LIFT3 is the 3rd generation eFoil from Lift Foils, an original brand that created the first efoil on the market. This is an ultimate In-depth review and includes all the features, pros, and cons, the new lineup, new wings, new Folding Prop Tests, and much more! Fly over water! 

No wind? No waves? No problem. 

The new folding prop is a complete game-changer that opens new possibilities of riding swells unpowered! 

My pro setup: Lift3 4.2 pro size, 32-inch long mast, 200 Surf V2 Wing, a new folding prop, 48 surf v2 stabilizer wing, and a new high aspect ratio 200 wings as well! 

The new 200 Surf V2 Wing is a “bread and butter” of efoiling… Foiling isn’t about going fast or slow; it’s about the balance under your feet and the glide. This wing is the magic carpet that does it all and feels amazing to ride. 

LIFT3 – what’s new? 

The new 2021 Lift Foils eFoils allow all riders to experience the thrill of flying over the water. It comes with the best-in-class specs across all categories. The LIFT3 and LIFT3 Elite are the company’s newest personal water vehicles, available in four completely new board sizes, providing water riders with the world’s most sophisticated adventure, and using the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology. 

Fly over water! 

The 2021 lineup offers a customizable experience with 9 advanced hydrofoil wing options to pair with the Lift boards. The new eFoils are the lightest, most durable, longest-lasting, fastest, and most customizable eFoil machines on the market, setting a new standard for personal water sports 

The LIFT3 boards are made from a new proprietary carbon fiber blend engineered specifically for eFoil performance. They also feature enhanced carbon masts and upgraded carbon fiber electronic boxes. Lift Foils have always offered the most durable eFoils, but the new carbon fiber build makes the LIFT3 even 50% stronger. 

eFoil e3 – new board sizes 

The LIFT3 boards come in four new sizes: 4’2 Pro (127 cm), 4’9 Sport (145 cm), 5’4 Cruiser (163 cm), 5’9 Explorer (175 cm). These boards feature an updated shape for increased aerodynamics and maneuverability. Combined with the upgraded construction, the new sizes reduce the weight by 30%, making the LIFT3 boards the lightest eFoil option on the market. 

LIFT3 – Dynamic wing options 

Lift has also launched nine new wings as part of its 2021 lineup, including three of its acclaimed high aspect wings. Carefully crafted for effectiveness, stability, and performance, the wings attach to the eFoil mast. The shape of the wing changes the eFoil riding experience offering the perfect balance between efficiency and turning. All wings are interchangeable across the LIFT2 and LIFT3 and work for multiple foil disciplines, including surfing, eFoiling, or sailing, allowing Lift to provide the most customizable eFoil experience. The following table is missing the 9th wing, which is the 60 Surf V2 only designed for big wave surfing and not applicable for the eFoil. 

Elite boards option: 

The LIFT comes with a hand controller (adjustable trigger, GPS, colored display, new app), carbon fiber prop & shroud premium bag with wheels. These boards will also have an enhanced carbon fiber propeller and shroud, featuring a quick-release mechanism that allows for swapping various components in seconds with no hardware needed. The tailored cases that come with the eFoil e3 Elite are lightweight with high-performance removable wheels, all of which can be easily broken down for storage. 

New Lift3 WINGS 

100 Surf V2 150 Surf V2 

200 Surf V2 250 Surf V2 

300 Surf V2 (a.k.a. 300 Sea Pig) 

200 High Aspect for float without too much drag 

170 High Aspect 

120 High Aspect 





 00:25 Lift3 Unboxing

01:19 My new Pro 4.2 setup

 02:20 Lift3 Remote & New Elite remote

 03:16 New Lift3 board lineup

 04:20 Lift3 battery

 05:00 Lets assemble Lift3

 06:20 New Lift3 V2 wings

 07:49 First tests in the water

 10:30 Lift3 maintenance tips 

11:30 Installing a new folding prop 

12:30 First unpowered session riding waves

 15:11 Power Flip the board trick

 15:18 Extra things you need for efoiling

 17:58 Final review pros & cons

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