FLITEBOARD VS LIFTFOILS | Unbiased Side By Side Comparison | Best efoil?

What is the best efoil? Fliteboard or Liftfoils? Which efoil to pick? This question comes up again and again! And today, we are going to answer it once and for all! We are doing an honest and unbiased Side By Side Comparison of a brand new Lift Foils E3 4.2 Pro board vs brand new Fliteboard Ultra efoil! 

In this long and in-depth video, we are going through every detail, trying to help you make an educated decision on which board to pick! 

Full disclosure – I am NOT affiliated with any brands, and it’s up to you which board to pick. I got LiftFoils for myself, but it does not mean that I prefer it over Fliteboard Ultra. My goal is to test all efoils and jetboards on the market and stay as independent and unbiased as possible. 


00:00 FLITEBOARD vs LIFTFOILS Side By Side Comparison 

02:20 Comparing their travel bags 

04:16 Lift3 Pro 4.2 Electric Hydrofoil specs 

04:35 Fliteboard Efoil Series 2 Model ULTRA 

06:15 Comparing the weight of efoils 

07:06 How Fliteboard and Liftfoils got to the market? 

08:40 Comparing the mast 

09:15 Fliteboard unified fuselage 

10:52 Comparing motors and noise levels 

11:40 Comparing efoil mast materials pros&cons 

14:08 Comparing the efoil wings 

16:30 Comparing Fliteboard and Lift foils propellers 

17:40 Lift foils folding prop 

19:20 Comparing what is inside efoil hatch 

23:04 Comparing Lift and Flite batteries 

25:30 Comparing Liftfoils and Fliteboard remotes 

27:00 New Lift3 elite remote 

27:50 Comparing the shape of the boards and volume 

29:00 Final advice which board to pick 

30:00 Comparing riding experience and first impressions 

32:30 Range test results 


P.S. It was challenging to arrange this video, and you might notice this with the sound of my voice. I was very sick when recording it, but I could not cancel or postpone it, so we had to make it done on that day! I had to actually wake up at 4-30 AM and drive 200km each way to reach Pedro and his location. Apologies for my weak voice and hit “like” for effort. 


Summary Lift vs Flite 

Liftfoils E3 4.2 


  • Very low noise levels 
  • Durable and trustworthy machine “built like a tank” Interchangeable wings with other foil board sports Folding prop is a game-changer. 
  • Little bit more volume (easier to start and sit) 59 vs 54L


  • Outdated technology with an excessive amount of cables, data pins etc. (However, the new Elite controller is coming with more advanced tech) 
  • Lack of a lightweight sports battery 
  • Less stability when breaching the motor 
  • No inflatable option, no lights, no leash, no straps option App does not track rides (no GPS) 

Fliteboard Ultra 


  • Advanced technology and simplified design with unified fuselage No extra cables, no cooling pipes, no data cables. 
  • Strong aluminum mast, lights, place for straps and leash Less weight (especially with Sports battery) 
  • Higher stability when breaching the motor 
  • An app that tracks your rides via GPS 
  • Inflatable option (Fliteboard air) 
  • Pro rider setup options with shims 


  • High pitch annoying noise (louder than Lift) 
  • The mast and wings are too sharp 
  • The setup is done only for efoil and is not interchangeable with other foling boards. 

Similar Characteristics Of Both Boards: 

  • Similar riding time, similar charging time. 
  • Same effective mast length. (even though Lift 32-inch mast is longer) 
  • Similar riding experience (which depends a lot on the wings setup) 
  • A great range of wings and stabilizer wings 
  • Outstanding premium support by both Lift and Flite A vast network of dealers, schools, and service centers Trusted by PRO athletes and celebrities 







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