BOOST FIN In-depth Review | Electric Motorized Fin for any Board | Catch 3x More Waves

This is an ultimate in-depth review of the new BOOST FIN – Electric Motorized Fin for any board. 

The first electric surf fin provides 20 pounds of turbocharged energy to catch up to 3 times more waves. 

Some surfers are just like a Kelly Slater, always on top of their game. For the rest 99% of us, surfing can be an endless struggle and nonstop paddling… 

Dmitri Kozhevnikov and his team from Huntington beach found a solution. They are developing a next-generation propulsion system called Boost fin. 

Boost is Changing Surfing Experience – The fin that gives you just enough extra energy to push the limits of what is possible. 

A revolutionary combination of power, portability, and design has been applied to this incredible machine. 90% of your surf session is paddling. To make the most out of every swell and every session, you need to paddle faster and longer. 

While paddling is necessary to catch a single wave, if you want to catch LOTS of waves, you’ll need to paddle a lot! 

Boost Fin helps you do just that. 




00:00 BOOST FIN In-depth Review

 01:32 Boostfin unboxing

 02:30 Boost Fin Live Demonstration

 03:00 Installing Boost fin

 03:53 Boostfin first test in the waves

 06:30 Bonus tip

 06:50 Lake surfing with Boostfin?

 07:30 Boostfin for SUP propulsion?

 08:15 Elena trieds Boostfin in waves 

09:20 Boostfin FAQ

 12:43 My Boostfin settings

 17:54 Final wave session with Boostfin 

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