FLITEBOARD Efoil In-depth Review | New Series 2 Models | New ULTRA Pros & Cons Tips & Tricks

Today we are testing and reviewing Fliteboard efoil series 2. Watersports have evolved. A world-class efoil Fliteboard became even more straightforward, more reliable, and user-friendly. Find freedom and fly over water – on the world’s most advanced electric hydrofoil. 

ULTRA is the world’s most extreme eFoil. The ULTRA is an adrenaline machine. At just 4 foot 2 inches, the reduced swing weight lets you push the limits. 

Optional footstraps connect you to the board and the ocean like never before. Plus, they help our product testers land backflips.

The True Glide propeller lets riders fly to extremes with and without the use of the motor. Boost performance by replacing the prop duct with the Pro Tail cover. 


00:00 FLITEBOARD Efoil Review 

02:20 New Fliteboard Series 2 Models 

03:40 Fliteboard Series 2 New features 

05:00 Flitecell new battery 

06:00 Fliteboard remote control 

06:44 New Fliteboard mast sizes 

07:40 New Fliteboard Series 2 WINGS 

09:20 Pro setup with shims 

10:00 New Flite propeller and Pro Tail cover 

10:39 True Glide propeller 

12:20 Comparing Fliteboard Air, Ultra 

14:00 New Fliteboard ULTRA features 

15:00 Mike’s first ride on ULTRA 

16:02 Comparing ULTRA and PRO 

19:30 Final words and tips 



New Fliteboard Series 2 features 

CEO and founder David Trewern grew up in the small Australian surf town Merimbula and started to surf and windsurf with ten years. Later on, he switched to kitesurfing, breaking the GPS speed world record of 44.9 knots in 2015. Through kitesurfing, he got also introduced to hydrofoils. Flite App delivers new features with over-the-air updates. 

Flite track lets you visualize, replay and share rides. 

  • Race 700: The name says it all. If fast carves and top speed is your thing, this 50km/h wing is for you. The machine performs best in Pro Mode with the prop duct removed. 
  • Flow 1300: The ultimate wing for powered-off wave gliding with our True Glide prop. Flow 1300 takes off early and glides and glides. Despite its large size (1m span), it’s agile and responsive in turns. 
  • Flow 1100: The most versatile Flow wing. Large enough for wave glides and high turns at slow speeds, small enough to push fast. 
  • Flow 900: Fastest surf wing for larger waves and high speeds. Carve hard in flat water with a very loose and responsive feel. 
  • Flow S 1300: This wing lets you ride slow, throw your Fliteboard around in wild turns, and catch waves. 
  • Flow S 1100: This super-snappy wing is at a size that allows slow-speed riding but still with the ability to push hard. 
  • Flow S 900: A wild wing that is the loosest of them all. For the most responsive ride possible at medium to fast speeds, try the Flow S 900. 
  • Cruiser 1800: Our biggest and most stable wing used at Fliteschools around the world. It suits beginners, heavier riders, and those wanting a more docile ride. It is suitable for early take-off and slow to medium cruising. 
  • 500 stabilizer: suitable for schools and new foilers 
  • Flow 250 stabilizer: Matched for the surf wings 
  • Race 200 stabilizer: Matched for our race wings. We’ve taken all electronics out of the board. So there’s less chance of technical problems and fewer things to maintain. 

We also made the Flitebox even smarter with a lightbar for instant communication with the rider. It’s an eFoil, not an eBoard Flitecell. The water machine integrates premium quality cells designed for high discharge combined with our world-class battery management system to keep you going for as long as you desire.

David Trewern’s Fliteboard is the world’s most awarded electric hydrofoil (eFoil). With six patents and more pending, David paves the way for others to follow by leading from far in front. 

Four key components make up the entire package. They include the board, the Flitecell (battery) and Flitebox (the unit that connects to the battery to power the motor), the mast, and the fuselage. 

• The inflatable AIR is 6’0″ and 15literses 

• The Fliteboard is 5’8″ and 100 liters (the majority of buyers) 

• The PRO is 5’0″ and 67 liters 

• The ULTRA is 4’2″ and 54 liters 


The Virtual Gear System is one of many features that makes Flite Controller the world’s most innovative eFoil controller. 

What’s so special about the unibody fuselage? 

It’s a big deal. Integrating the foil and motor (instead of clamping it to the mast) results in the market’s most balanced, responsive, and efficient electric hydrofoil. 

This means advanced riders can turn harder, explore further, ride faster, or have the ultimate pitch control on a wave face. It also allows beginners to learn more efficiently.



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