I GOT SCAMMED | How I lost 12,500 USD on Efoils from Alibaba

“I got scammed for 12,500 USD.”

“I got scammed for 10,000 EUR.” 

“The board broke after first use.”

“The remote wouldn’t connect.” 

“The board was filled with water.”

“The battery caught fire.” 

Unfortunately, this is the typical sad story that I see again and again from people trying to save money by ordering cheap generic Chinese jetboards and efoils from Alibaba. 

Today, I cover two recent case studies of people who lost their money by ordering efoils and jetboards from Alibaba. 

I hope this will help to expose the scammers and prevent others from losing their money in the future. If you were scammed as well, please share your story in the comments or on e-surfer forum. 



00:00 I GOT SCAMMED How I lost 12,500 USD on Efoils from Alibaba 

02:00 Main problems with Alibaba factories 

04:50 Case study 1 – Cameron lost 12,500 USD 

12:50 Case study 2 MikeSurf lost 10,000 EUR 

18:00 Final tips on how to avoid scams on Alibaba Sources of the case 


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Hisun efoil

https://www.epoch-power.net/ https://cnhaishang.en.alibaba.com/pro… 

Secutronic jetboard 

https://secutech.en.alibaba.com/produ… https://www.ebikebicycle.com/patented… https://secutronic.en.made-in-china.c…

To learn how to avoid these types of scams, watch the original video below detailing tips to avoid scams “Buying electric jetboard from ALIBABA? 




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