New Fliteboard Ultra Unboxing | Fliteboard Efoil Series 2 Review

Today we are unboxing and testing a new Fliteboard Ultra – Fliteboard efoil series 2.

Watersports have evolved. The world-class efoil Fliteboard became even simpler, more reliable, and user-friendly. 

Find freedom and fly over water – on the world’s most advanced electric hydrofoil. 

ULTRA is the world’s most extreme eFoil. It is a true adrenaline machine. The ULTRA comes in a small package, at just 4 foot 2 inches; the reduced swing weight lets you push the limits. 

Optional footstraps connect you to the board and the ocean like never before. (Plus, they help product testers land backflips.) 

The True Glide™ propeller lets riders fly to extremes with and without the use of the motor. Riders can boost the machine’s performance by replacing the prop duct with the Pro Tail cover. 


00:00 Fliteboard Ultra Unboxing 

01:17 Comparing Fliteboard Ultra to Standard 

02:20 Fliteboard efoil series two improvements 

03:30 Fliteboard advantages unified fuselage 

05:07 New Fliteboard series two wings 

06:30 Shims and pro setup 

07:00 New remote control and pairing 

07:49 Flitecell new battery 

10:00 Fliteboard Air vs. Ultra 

11:32 Ultra features and straps 

12:25 Mike’s first ride on Ultra 

13:30 Final words and tips



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