AWAKE VINGA Review | Testing New Jet Efoil by Awake

Today we are testing New Jet Efoil by Awake called Awake VINGA


A pure and smooth flying machine that will take foiling to new heights
Performance, safety, and ease of use will always be core elements in creating any Awake product. However, in the development of the Awake VINGA, they have been pushed to new levels of excellence. The Awake VINGA has something for everyone, allowing the inexperienced rider to take their first-ever flight on an efoil and the more experienced rider to execute the most audacious maneuvers.

Different boards, one battery. A key component of Awake’s modular design is the Awake Flex Battery System. This allows you to use any Awake surfboard battery on any Awake eFoil and vice versa in the blink of an eye. Perfect for those who can’t decide between the electric surfboard experience or the eFoil experience – with Awake, you get the best of both worlds.

Riders can choose from two front wing sizes—the Awake Powder 1350- perfect for dynamic cruising (up to 80kg). And the Awake Powder 1800 – is also ideal for dynamic surfing for those above 80kg and beginner-friendly for lighter-weight riders.

And, like our Awake RÄVIK series electric surfboards, there are three different riding modes; Eco, Sport, and Extreme.

Ride assured that we’ve thoroughly thought through and finely tuned every component with safety in mind: from the rounded wing shapes, and soft edges mast to the fully covered jet. And, of course, our signature 4-layer safety-protected Awake Flex batteries power the eFoil.

Indeed, the linear jet system that moves the Awake VINGA across the water is fully covered, ensuring that, should a rider fall, they will not make contact with the impeller. And wipe-outs are less frequent and softer thanks to a continuous flow of water through the jet.

You’re ready to fly in just a few quick clicks because no other eFoil is assembled faster than Awake VINGA.

Awake’s proprietary Click-to-Ride system means cumbersome hoses, screws, hatches, and cables are replaced by a modular snap-together system. The battery, mast, and board are connected in a matter of seconds.

The simplicity of the design also means that VINGA is easy to maintain.

The Awake VINGA eFoil is short but generous in volume, stable but agile, powerful but precise. Which means there’s something for everyone. Inexperienced riders can take their first-ever flight on an eFoil confidently, while the more experienced riders can test their limits by executing the most audacious maneuvers.

And because our Powder Wings are developed for dynamic cruising, they provide a smooth and stable experience while allowing for playful and precise carving.

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