PWR-FOIL Efoil V3 Review

Today we are meeting Manuel to test the new version of PWR-Foil. 


Chris Defrance in France developed the new version 3 of the PWR-Foil. The engineering and assembling of this incredible machine are 100% made in France, up to 2 hours of autonomy, absolute safety, up to 40 km/h! 

This machine is available in 5 sizes and four variations, custom on request.

Get lessons and meet Manuel

After ten years of existence of Redwoodpaddle, a brand of inflatable and rigid stand-up paddles, surfboards, and accessories, its creator Chris Defrance is no longer content to glide on any body of water in any circumstances. 

Now, he dreams of flying over water!

PWR-Foil was born in 2016. 

This is the foil that allows us to reach this dream in 2016. This mast, equipped with wings, adapts to a range of SUP and surf. 

Then the wing, in 2019, comes to complete the foil boards! 

But as early as 2016, the idea of creating something that can fly regardless of the weather conditions started brewing…

This is what led to the birth of the electric foil concept. 

The idea was still nascent and sounded a little crazy, but fast forward to 2018, a prototype of our electric foil was presented at the Nautic Paris. 

By 2019, we started taking our first orders, and in 2020, PWR-Foil efoils were already flying all over the world.


Innovation – Made in France – Absolute user safety – Best value for money


We did not just manufacture an electric foil; we built a product that is 100% French, relying on local knowledge and skills. Passion, perseverance, talent, and professionalism have made it possible to achieve this dream. Engineering is 100%, French. Our Research & Development department is constantly improving our machines to keep up with the current technology, computer science, connectors, hydraulic electricity, etc.

Batteries are created in our region, guaranteeing outstanding French quality. The assembly and the after-sales service are totally assured at our production site.

All this allows us to reduce our carbon footprint daily and offer you a high-quality product.


Today, our machines allow you to fly for more than 90 minutes and to reach a speed between 35 and 40 km/h with a sensation of free flight above the water surface. We built this efoil to provide its users with uncompromising safety while flying over the water body of their choice—with silence and osmosis with the surrounding nature. 

With PWR-Foil, you can become the next silver surfer 😉

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