TOP 5 JETBOARDS and EFOILS 2023 | Best Electric Surfboards and Efoils

Today we are ranking TOP 5 JETBOARDS and EFOILS 2023.

Here are the Best Electric Surfboards and Efoils for 2023 season!

The new exciting sport of efoils and electric surfboards is taking over the world, with new boards appearing almost every month!

With the invention of motorized surfboards, jetboards, and efoils there is no need to wait for the right moment to have fun. We can finally make our own waves and surf on our own terms. The invention of the motorized surfboard has brought a level of freedom to the surfing industry never
seen before!

This approach to surfing allows anyone to cruise along virtually any kind of water body, including lakes, rivers, and even oceans! They are also incredibly fun and addictive and give you a fantastic feeling of freedom and control over the water.

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In this video, we will cover the top 5 electric jetboards and top 5 electric efoils handpicked by Mike and the Jetsurfingnation team! As always, we don’t list the exact prices as they depend a lot on your location and dealer, but most are in the range of 6k – 12k USD.

That’s right, these water toys are not cheap! But they’re totally worth it.
Without further ado, let’s get started on the top 5 jetboards for 2023!

  • Lampuga Air
  • Onean Carver Twin
  • Awake RÄVIK and new Ravik S and Ravik 3
  • Mo-Jet
  • Ewave
  • Mako Slingshot

Our top pick today is Jetsurf

The king of jetboards is still dominating the market. Thanks to constant innovation from its developers, it never gets old and keeps improving each year. This time the developers surprised us with the new Jetsurf Electric and DFI models – first-ever fuel injection for 2-stroke watersports engines!

The bottom line is that these electric jetboards are super fun, but the main concern is they are very heavy (35 – 55kg) and have a very low riding time of just 20-40minutes. That’s why electric hydrofoils, or efoils for short, can be a great alternative for you to have some fun on the water.
They promise much longer riding time (up to 2 hours) and are usually much lighter and easier to transport with an average weight of just 30-35kg!

Let’s catch some fun and take a look at the top 5 most promising efoils for 2023! Here are our top picks by JetSurfingNation.

  • e-Takuma Carver efoil
  • Liftfoils
  • FOIL by GetFOIL
  • Awake Vinga jet efoil
  • The Audi e-tron Foil by Aerofoils
  • Waydoo
  • Waveshark
  • eFoilFly NEPTUN X

Our top choice today is the outstanding efoil from Australia, Fliteboard.

This machine combines the quality and the top features that every hydrofoil user desires. Fliteboard comes in several shapes and sizes, including the inflatable one for easier learning and the smallest and fastest efoil called Fliteboard Ultra.

Everything about Fliteboard screams high quality, and that’s why it is our top pick among all hydrofoils this year! Make sure to watch the interview with the developers and our tests on our channel to learn more about it.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed our list and become a part of this exciting new sport of motorized surfboards and efoils


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