Efoil is NOT BORING: Pro Tips & Tricks

Efoil is NOT BORING!

It’s easy to learn but hard to master with many things to change and configure – efoil board size, mast, wings, shimps, props, etc.

Efoiling is one of the most fun activities you can have on the water, and in this video, we break down the most popular efoil pro tricks, such as:

00:00 Efoil Pro Tricks 

00:42 Magic carpet on efoil 

01:08 Riding sitting 

01:58 Waterski on efoil 

02:49 Learning magic carpet trick 

03:50 Superman efoil trick 

04:40 Riding backward 

05:13 Riding together (2 people) 

06:27 Riding switch

 07:12 Self tow on efoil 

08:23 Wake stealing 

07:08 Jumping on efoil 

08:59 Efoil Airs Basics 

11:30 Step by Step efoil jumping tips by PRO riders 

12:10 Mike tries jumping efoil 

13:20 Self-filming with Insta 360 X2 camera 

13:56 Depowered efoiling on the waves 

14:50 Step-by-step learning depowered Riding 

17:42 Final tips

Thank you, friends!



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