ZERO DRAG EFOILING? | Foil Drive x Project Cedrus Review

I’m testing the new Foil Drive x Project Cedrus Integrated Mast Option today. 

Foil Drive has partnered with Project Cedrus to offer a new Mast integration option for the Assist PLUS. The main advantages include smooth, sleek, and drag-free cable routing to the motor with all wiring internal inside the mast, top plate, and new custom premium pod. The Cedrus Aluminum Mast options come in 70, 80, and 90-cm increments with customizable motor height.

Foil Drive will offer some popular Cedrus Foil Adapters on our website, but you can order the whole range directly from Project Cedrus. We’ve also filmed an in-depth discussion about the Assist PLUS Integrated Cedrus Mast for our Tech Talk Series.

With many riders relying on their Foil Drive to enjoy their session and others refusing to hit the water without it, many riders never move their motor position or take it off! 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Project Cedrus on the Foil Drive Assist PLUS x Project Cedrus Integrated Mast. 

A custom Project Cedrus Top Plate and Custom Foil Drive Motor Pod/Puck allow for internal cable routing through the mast directly to the motor. This results in a super clean install with no tape, reduced drag, increased efficiency, and a smoother ride!

A few things to consider: 

  • This is simply an Assist PLUS kit built into a Project Cedrus Mast.
  • The motor/cable is not removable from the mast. 
  • The motor height is fixed to the height specified at the time of order. This does not replace the existing Assist PLUS; they both have pros and cons, and this is simply an additional option.

Check these two videos for more information on the Foil Drive X Project Cedrus collaboration. 

The first is our release video that will be promoted in the coming weeks; the second is an in-depth Tech Talk with Paul and Ben discussing the design considerations and setup. 

 Release Video:    • Foil Drive x Proj…   

Tech Talk:    • Tech Talk Ep02 | …  


Initial pre-release stock is very limited, and we are reserving for direct, complete system sales exclusively offered to our Facebook Owners Group Community. For the sake of resourcing and quality control, the first batch is for brand-new motor installation only.

For full system, Assist PLUS x Cedrus Integrated Mast ordering; use this link to place an order product via our website.

 Existing Customers wishing to upgrade, please email with one of the below options in mind:

We will offer existing Assist PLUS owners the option to return their kit to our workshop in Australia to fit their motor into a Cedrus Mast. This process is very time-consuming for our crew, especially as we will be working with used parts. Given this, the option to integrate your existing kit will only be offered in batch two orders, expected in the coming months.

If you own an Assist PLUS and simply cannot wait, we will offer a Cedrus Mast with a brand NEW Motor, Controller, and Electronics Box as a “bare kit,” with no battery/charger. Please email

 Project Cedrus Integrations are direct through Foil Drive only; ordering via your local stockist will become available with batch two orders.



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