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Top 10 Jet Surfboards of 2017

It’s no news that the Jet surfboard industry is growing exponentially.
Let’s catch some fun and take a look at the top 10 surfboards of 2017!
Here are our top picks by JetSurfingNation.

Discliamer: Obviously I have not tested them all (YET!) so this rating is just a list, there is no particular order. Jetsurf is number 1 because it’s most popular and dominates the market at this time, not because I love it more than other boards! I expect to test more boards soon with the help of Jet Board Limited, E-Surfer and Motosurfnation

#10 – SUPjet

#9 – Xtream by Torque
#8 – JetFoiler

#7 – Radinn Wakejet

#6 – SurfRebel

#5 – Onean Carver and Manta

#4 – Waterwolf MXP-3

#3 – Lampuga

#2 – eFoil
#1- Jetsurf

There you have it, the TOP 10 jet Surfboards of 2017! Is there any other surfboard I didn’t mention that you feel should be on the list? Tell me about it in the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe to JetSurfingNation channel!